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Auction Anytime - Your Place or Ours!
We've Been at the Same Location Since 1984

Market is Opened May through October
11 AM - 5 PM
(closed Monday & Tuesday)


Upcoming Auctions
In our Heated or Air Conditioned Building

Elizabeth Millett


For more information, call
Elizabeth Millett at

440-967-3838 or


Millett Auction House and Marketplace
728 Main Street
Vermilion, OH 44089

A little history of our building.....
Our building was the site of the first church in Vermilion. It was small and made of brick during the 1830's. In 1886, they tore it down and used the bricks for the base of this building and built the larger structure. It was always Congregational until in the 1950's, the Baptist purchased it. (The Congregational Church was built as new Church on Rt. 60). In 1984, we purchased this building along with the parsonage next door. The Baptists built a new Church on West River Road in Vermilion. Unable to get funding to make an Inn, we began using the building for Flea Markets, selling antiques and collectibles. In 1994 we began the auction hall.


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